Check your airbags, your life depends on it

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

One of the most important things that you could do when you’re driving is wear a seat belt. But even before you do that, you should check your airbags.

At any time while you’re driving, your airbag could explode and puncture you with flying shrapnel and severely injure you and even other passengers.

Within the past year, multiple amounts of airbags have exploded and people have been killed because of the lack of information that your car dealership is supplying you.

If there was ever a recall on your car or even any device that you own, it is common courtesy that one would like to be informed about this problem beforehand, opposed to hearing about the problem after a traumatic incident occurs.

But kindness and common courtesy is not always supplied. So the best safety precaution you could do is check it yourself.

To check your airbag, find the VIN number that is commonly located on the driver’s side dashboard or even the drivers side door jam.

Once you get the number, enter it into a category under the  Safe Car  website to reveal your car’s problems.

You might possibly receive information that is startling to hear.

But even if you get that shocking news, don’t be too alarmed. Contact your car dealership and they will hopefully fix that problem for you.

But realize that you may not be the only one that knows about this recall. So depending on how many people are aware of the problem, depends on the wait time of your fix.

So make sure you inform yourself to avoid becoming the next statistic.

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