Student Voices: The worst month has been determined

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Everyone has that one month that just seems impossible to get through, whether it has to do with seasonal activities, the weather outside, or the place in the school year.

I asked a significant amount of students what their least favorite month was, and the month of February received the most votes.

Most of the reasoning was similar to senior Natalie Coccagno’s: “It’s an unnecessary winter month, and by that time of the year I just want it to be spring already.”

One student’s reasoning was because their sports conditioning takes place that month.

The month that came in second was January, which is very similar to February. It seems the students do not care much for the winter months.

Luckily, we have finally finished up the agreed on worst month of the year. The students of Bethel Park have their arms wide open for the upcoming spring months.

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