It’s pronounced ‘Rees-es’ NOT ‘Reesies’

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

The famous chocolate candy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has been around since 1928, created by dairy farmer H. B. Reese. In the 89 years that the candy has been around, many have made the mistake of saying the name wrong.

The common error made is saying the name as “rees-ies” rather than “rees-es,” even though it clearly should be pronounced like the plural form of Reese.

It can not be determined who the first one was to see the name and say “reesies” or why so many see it that way, but it is quite funny to realize how incorrect the common pronunciation is.

The situation is even more ridiculous when you take into account how the other version of the candy, Reese’s Pieces, is pronounced wrong just as often.

It is one thing to incorrectly pronounce Mr. Reese’s name, but when you change the pronunciation of the simple English word “pieces” just so it rhymes with the mispronounced version of “Reese’s,” it is just plain ignorance.

I myself am a victim of the mispronunciation, and after writing this article I will probably continue saying it wrong because it is in my blood.

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