Molly’s Musings: Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful


K Whiteford via, cc

Molly McDowell, Staff Writer

One of the best days of the year is only around the corner, which means food, and everyone loves food. Family, football, pie, you name it, will all be celebrated this Thursday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day about being thankful for all that you have, and enjoying time with your loved ones, whether that be your mom, dad, significant other, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., and you can’t forget about the feast.

Who doesn’t like to wake up from a nap on Thanksgiving and smell the turkey in the oven and the other amazing dishes you have the privilege of eating on this wonderful day? It’s a truly great feeling. Even playing football outside with your brothers and sisters is a fun activity many families partake in during this holiday.

Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday that is meant to be spent with your loved ones, a lot of people have to work Thanksgiving night and all day on Friday. If you have the chance, you should visit them and make their day worth while. We can’t all go shopping on Black Friday or have a late dinner Thursday.

Finally, if you know someone who will be alone on Thanksgiving, you should invite them to your table because no one deserves to be alone on Thanksgiving.

So remember to thank your parents and family for everything they do to make your life as fun and safe and easy as they can.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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