Molly’s Musings: Pet Peeves

Molly McDowell, Staff

We all have them, those tiny things that irk our nerves or just make us have a mental breakdown all in all. The wonderful things in life called pet peeves, those unnerving things we have to deal with every day. So I figured, why not give you a list of mine. So here goes, a list of my pet peeves.

SNORING: Snoring may be the worst thing you can do around me, besides heavily breathing or non-stop sniffling. If you put me in a room with my dad, and he falls asleep, I will not be able to sleep because he tends to sound like a motorcycle when he sleeps. I can barely ride in the same car as him due to the constant *sniff sniff* you hear every 10 seconds, but I love him no matter what. I’m actually positive that I have a mental illness called misophonia.

Loudly chewing/bad eating habits: I hate it when I’m sitting at the table and my friends start to talk with their mouths full. Or when they shove food in their mouth as they’re talking. And I especially hate it when I’m trying to take a test in class and someone is smacking their gum behind me. Sure, I’m pretty annoying when chewing gum, but I try not to be, unless I try to work someone’s nerves.

Slow driving: If you’re on a road where the speed limit is 40 and you’re going 25, I’m going to pass you because you’re just being petty and you’re wasting my time.

Noises while sleeping: I hate waking up in the middle of the night when at a sleepover and someone is either grinding their teeth or talking on the phone when I’m trying to sleep. Like, go in the other room or something, please.

People using/taking my stuff without permission: OK, but, who do you think you are? Me? Don’t take my stuff and use it without asking/telling me. In most cases, I’ll allow you to use the item of interest, but not without my permission.

“Flying Fork”: If I’m minding my own business and eating my food, don’t automatically think that because you’re my friend or family, that you get to just stick your fork in my food to take a bite, because I will give you a death glare, and never talk to you again.

I have so much more, but it would take me all day to write them. So, if anyone is reading this, feel free to comment your pet peeves. We can have a discussion about how much we dislike things together. I’ll provide the ice-cream and sassiness.

Till next time, Bethel Park.

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