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Coming Soon: The Pittsburgh National College Fair 2017

Morgan McGrath, Staff Writer

February 3, 2017

On Thursday, Feb. 9 and Friday, Feb. 10, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, located on Fort Duquesne Blvd., will be hosting its annual Pittsburgh National College Fair. How many schools will be attending? What does this...

Everything you need to know about the Executive Order on Immigration

Regan Gray, Staff Writer

February 3, 2017

On Friday, Jan. 29 at 4:42 p.m., President Donald Trump gave an executive order temporarily restricting the immigration of people from 7 countries-- Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq-- in the Middle East. ...

Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to fill Supreme Court vacancy

Haley Radcliffe, Assistant Editor

February 1, 2017

On Tuesday night, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Judge Antonin Scalia in February 2016. If confirmed by the Senate, Gorsuch is likely to tip the court's balance and strengthen...

Man goes on shooting spree at Fort Lauderdale airport

Haley Radcliffe, Staff Writer

January 8, 2017

On the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 6, a shooting at Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport killed five people and severely wounded eight. The chaos caused almost 40 more people to be injured during evacuation, and the...

Rare coast-to-coast cold front hits U.S.

Rachel Craven, Staff Writer

January 3, 2017

Winter Storm Fortis in the northeast is expected to travel across the country. Temperatures are expected to drop into the negatives and reach record lows. Snow storms will cover the country, some places capable of blizzard conditions. Six...

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