‘Logan’ Oscar nomination a game changer

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, it seems every week there is a new award show airing on TV.

Right now the hot topic is the Oscars, as the nominations list was released late January.

There are many great titles up for awards this year but one notable title is Logan.

Logan is nominated for best adapted screenplay, which is a big deal.

Why is it such a big deal? Because it is the first time a “superhero” movie is up for a nomination like this.

Of course many other superhero type films have had nominations before, such as The Dark Night Rises, who took home two awards in 2009.

The reason Logan stands out from the rest is because it was nominated for its story. This is the first time a superhero movie has been recognized for its great story.

Commonly when superhero movies are nominated it is because of their effects, musical score, acting, etc. So, for Logan to be recognized for its screenplay is game changing.

In the past, many people have overlooked superhero movies as having good stories. They are just action movies to most people, but that is far from the truth.

These superhero movies have great lessons and values to teach if you are willing to listen.

Logan tells the story of a man who has seen too much and lost even more, who overcomes his demons one more time to help people who need him. The movie shows the values of friendship and family. How those relationships can define you as a person and make you the way that you are.

Not to mention for every action packed fighting scene, there is another scene that pulls at your heart strings and makes your emotions rise.

Without spoiling too much, not many people left the theater with dry eyes after seeing this film.

It’s not just Logan though, many other superhero movies have these great stories that people tend to overlook.

For example, in Iron Man 3, they have the main character openly deal with his PTSD. In the film, he openly has a panic attack. This shows that even the greatest and strongest people can get hurt and be vulnerable.

In the popular movie, Suicide Squad, there is a strong theme of how bad people can do good things and vice versa, good can do bad. It shows how people can motivated and strive for different things but still come together as one team.

One of the biggest story lines people seem to look over comes from one of the older series, X-Men.

In the X-Men, the mutant characters are meant to be a representation of the LGBT+ community and how society views them.

Through out the movies there are people who are constantly against these mutants, treat them differently, outcast them. People try to change who they are, even though it is something they can not control.

The bigger message is how it’s okay to be this way. That it’s not bad to be different, no matter what people say. It is a good thing to be who are and not suppress it or try and change it.

With Logan being nominated, it now means that people can start seeing these movies for what they are instead of face value.

They are interesting plots with great messages to convey to anyone who watches them. They are more than just fighting and bad vs. good.

Superhero movies are changing the game and it’s a much welcomed change.

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