Eat fresh, support the local bakeries

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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With baked goods being most commonly sold and made in stores, local bakeries are starting to die off and slow down production.

A lot of the pastries, either fresh or packaged, are being made and sold with more preservatives to extend their shelf life.

But it is important to support family businesses and support the people that make fresh food on the daily.

One great local family owned bakery is M. Cibrone & Sons Bakery located in Castle Shannon.

This bakery, which is operated by the whole Cibrone family, has been up and running since 1955. Members such as Jim, the owner, his wife, Irene, and even their children, and their nephews work in the bakery.

On the daily, they sell deli meats, pasta sauces, breads, desserts, and even frozen “take and bake” foods.

And other than the delicious fresh food, they offer great deals.

The great deals can be offered to you by simply buying anything from this bakery.

The freshness is worth the money.

So support this local bakery and support what you know is fresh.

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