Soothing Song Sundays: “Icarus” by White Hinterland

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Feeling stressed about the upcoming school week? Take a listen to this week’s Soothing Song Sunday, “Icarus” by White Hinterland.

The melodic tune combined with the angelic voice will send you into a relaxing daze. The dreamy song will give you the feeling of cleanliness after all of your hectic weekend activities and make you feel ready to conquer the next five days ahead.

To go along with the sweet melody, the lyrics are poetic and smart. “Let the sun rain down on me / ‘Til covered in dew /All pink and new and reborn.” These lines give you the feeling of refreshment and pureness.

The vocalist with the incredibly beautiful voice is named Casey Daniel who grew up in Massachusetts. She majored in classical composition in college and decided to be called White Hinterland in 2008.

The musician’s most recent album Baby came out in 2014. Casey continues to use her high-pitched singing talents to create relaxing songs.

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