Oedipus Rex: A Review

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Typically, high school students would assume an ancient tragedy would be boring and almost impossible to read, but Oedipus Rex by Sophocles proves this thought to be wrong.

The play was first performed around 429 BC and became a classic play. The plot is dark and twisted yet funny which makes for an interesting story.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the writing is the dramatic irony. It adds to the suspense and the comedy. While the characters struggle to find out who killed the king of Thebes, the murderer is Oedipus; the one who took his place and married his wife.

The twisted part is that the man Oedipus killed is┬áhis father and the woman Oedipus married is his mom. The entire time the reader knows this, but the characters do not. It is extremely amusing watching the story slowly unfold and seeing the characters’ reactions to the information.

Another part of the Greek drama that is enjoyable is the chorus. There is a chorus after every scene which is read by a group of people who represent the citizens of Thebes. It is interesting to read what they are thinking and it gives an outsider’s perspective which adds to the reader’s understanding of the characters and plot.

I found the translated version of Oedipus Rex easy to read because of the language used in dialogue and the plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. This play shed some light on my opinion of old dramatic plays, and I would suggest it.

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