‘Tiny Tanks’: The new fad of BPHS

Zoe Zilcosky and Cameron Happe

Many games have passed through BPHS whether it is Snake or 2048, but a new game has taken the spotlight. Tiny Tanks is now the new it game of BPHS.

It is a free online game that allows you to play with other people who are online. You can play single player to work on your skills, or you can play multiplayer.

For multiplayer, you select someone’s game to play in. Each game holds up to eight people. You can friend other people so then it lets you know what game is your friend’s or what game your friend is playing in.

The gist of the game is that you are a tank and you have the ability to shoot bullets. The controls you use are the arrows on the keyboard and the space bar. While the controls are uncomfortable at first, you get used to them fast with practice.

There are three different modes of the game: Deathmatch, last tank alive, and capture the flag.

In deathmatch, the first player to reach ten kills wins. Also in this mode, you come back to life after you are killed.

In last tank alive, the last tank standing wins. You have 15 lives, so once you have been shot 15 times, you die.

The last mode, capture the flag, is a team game. There are two teams, and the main goal is to go to the opposing side of the map, get their flag, and return to your side where your flag is. You play to three flags captured.

After every game you play, you earn xp points. When you get enough xp points, you can make purchases at the tank shop. The tank shop sells things that upgrade your tank and make them stronger and faster.

Many students have begun to play Tiny Tanks and really enjoy it.

“The game is really great. It is very similar to the Wii Play game Call of Duty. No, no, it’s the one called Tanks. It’s a very fun game that helps you bond with your classmates,” said senior Natalie Coccagno, Tiny Tanks username: rumblre

“It’s just the greatest game on the planet,” said senior Kyle Coplan, Tiny Tanks username: kcope

“Tiny tanks is a great way to connect with friends and have fun,” said senior Libby Jensen, Tiny Tanks username: libster420

“I am pretty sure Tiny Tanks is the only thing that makes me do my homework,” said senior Jake Marcovecchio, Tiny Tanks username:  Zsmgl

One classmate, in particular, did not enjoy the game as much.

“It is hard to control and people shoot me and I don’t like it. Bring back Snake 2k17. Free snake free snake unblock,” said senior Kayte Zeiler, Tiny Tanks username: Camosweg

We would rate this game a 9/10. Even though it may be the best game known to man, it often glitches which makes for a frustrating game. We recommend this game to all classmates because of the joy it brings to us all besides Kayte Zeiler.

Zoe Zilcosky, Tiny Tanks username: zb420

Cameron Happe, Tiny Tanks username: camoswag