Welcome Back! Here’s what you need to know

All the need-to-know information for back to school!

Hawk Eye’s Guide to Back to School

Welcome back to school for the 2017-2018 school year! It is sure to be the best one yet! The start of the school year can be a very hectic time of year between schedule changes, school materials, strange daily schedules, and new people. To cut through some of the confusion, here’s a Hawk Eye guide to back to school!

  1. Schedule change procedures
  2. Daily schedules
  3. Chromebooks
  4. Best places for school supplies

1. Schedule Changes

One of the number one concerns for the start of the school year is schedules changes, so let’s cover those first. Schedule changes can only occur for a few reasons:

  1. You are in a class you did not request
  2. You are not in a class you did request
  3. You do not have a period marked on your schedule
  4. You do not have a location marked on your schedule

In order to make changes for any of those reasons, you need to fill out a Schedule Correction Form which will be sent to the Guidance Office. Forms are available in the Guidance Office, in homeroom, and in the Main Office. This form must be completely filled out and submitted to your homeroom teacher in the morning. You will then be given an appointment time to meet with your counselor. DO NOT attempt to make an appointment online or in the Guidance Office.

2. Daily Schedules

The first week of school has the strangest schedule outside of Keystone week. Thursday and Friday of this week there will be a 40-Minute Homeroom Schedule. Monday will also be a 40-minute homeroom. For those of you with lab days, Wednesday began with Day 1. The 40-Minute Homeroom Schedule is as follows:

Homeroom – 7:25-8:05

Period 1 – 8:10-8:48

Period 2 – 8:53-9:31

Period 3 – 9:36-10:13

Period 4 – 10:18-10:55

Period 5 – 11:00-11:38

Period 6 – 11:43-12:21

Period 7 – 12:26-1:04

Period 8 – 1:09-1:46

Period 9 – 1:51-2:28

3. Chromebooks

Chromebook distribution began prior to the school year; however, if you have yet to pick up your Chromebook, you must do so as soon as possible. All Chromebook Forms must be turned in to the Activities Office prior to picking up your Chromebook. After dropping off your forms, you will be able to pick up your Chromebook during lunch periods in Room 429. Chromebook forms are available here.  Any questions regarding the Chromebook program can be referred to one of the computer paraprofessionals in Room 429.

4. Best Places for School Supplies

Extensive Hawk Eye research has shown that Walmart stores are the most cost-effective place to go school supply shopping. On average, basic school supplies such as binders, pens, highlighters, and notebooks are anywhere between 30 cents and $3.50 less expensive at Walmart than comparable items from other similar retailers such as Target.  Hurry up and get your supplies though, because these items are in high demand right now and may not stay in stock.