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Mitch Krieger

Mitch Krieger, Staff Writer

As you walk through the halls and see the many faces of students of Bethel Park High School, a certain person catches the eye of the people throughout the building.

This young man’s name is Mitchell Alexander Krieger.

Mitchell, a Senior member of yearbook club, Ways'n Means, the National Honors Society, Hawk Eye, PACS, and DECA, is the definition of a well-rounded, intelligent high school student.  Mitch is intrigued by other cultures and traditions around the world.  One of his dreams in life is to travel the world and experience all of the unique cultures and ways of life.  Mitchell’s favorite part of the world is Europe because he likes how one small area can be so diverse.

Mitch said if he could switch lives with anyone in the entire world, it would be Anthony Bourdain.  He admires Anthony because he travels the world but doesn’t experience the tourist attractions in countries.  He said Anthony experiences different cultures first-hand by living with families from that area and lives as they would for awhile.

When it comes to his future, Mitchell is completely undecided.  He has gone back and forth in his head multiple times, yet still has no idea.

Something that most people don’t know about Mitch is that he isn’t just “the funny guy.”  He has feelings and is in fact, sort of sensitive.

Mitch values being different in life.  He doesn’t necessarily want to be another face in the crowd.  Mitch said, “Life is a gift, not to be wasted.  You can’t settle for being the same, or for being good enough.  In life, whenever everyone says something is perfect, you must be the one to say it can be better.”


Written by: Jake McCall, Staff Writer

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Mitch Krieger