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Connor Karabinos

Connor Karabinos, Staff Writer

Meet the newest member of the Hawk Eye newspaper, Connor Karabinos.  The William Penn alumni joined the newspaper because his friends took the class and thought it would be a fun time.  He is also looking forward to taking pictures at various sporting events throughout the year.

Connor, who's a junior, can be seen rolling into school in his white 2008 Hyundai Elantra that he got for his 17th birthday.

When he is not stocking shelves at Heisler's Market, he is probably playing a sport for the school.  Connor is an outfielder for the school's baseball team and also plays basketball.

When asked about his favorite sports, Connor said: "My favorite sports memory is probably our 7th-grade basketball team because we were good and had fun.  Or maybe the fall ball team from last year. We called ourselves the Chompers because we chomped."

Connor also enjoys going to Mulligan's Sports Bar for all-you-can-eat wings every Tuesday with his friends.  He can go through thirty-three wings, which is his record.  Connor's flavor of choice is the Black and Gold wings.

Connor was asked about his plans for the future, and he responded by saying, "I want to be the most successful man to ever live.  Imagine a combination of Stephen Hawking and Jeff Bezos had a child, I am that child."

However, he is not sure how this will be accomplished.  But his first step will be attending a four-year college.  The next step in his plan is to own his own fortune 500 company by the age of 25.  Then probably become the youngest person to become elected president, but doesn't want to be too ambitious.

Other activities Connor said he enjoys are relaxing at his house and hanging out with his friends on the weekend.  You'll probably see him at Pirmanti's Saturday nights eating a "Pittsburger" and drinking a root beer.


Written by: Nick Howrylak, Staff Writer

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Connor Karabinos