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Aaron Modrak, Staff Writer

"I am a huge fan of Johnny Allemang," Aaron said. This is why Aaron Modrak decided to take journalism.

Aaron wants to continue the award-winning reputation of Hawk Eye the only way he could think of, by joining the staff of the award-winning paper.

Aaron is like any other high schooler. He enjoys learning new things, and likes to gain knowledge as he is a multi faceted student . He also likes hanging out with friends, and making use of his free time by being a deep thinker.

Aaron enjoys watching Will Ferrell movies, he also likes the TV show Community, and enjoys listening to music of any kind. Aaron said, "I am a die hard Buccos fan. Can't wait for October!" Making him a follower of the now revitalized Pittsburgh Pirates. He is also a huge fan of college sports and likes the Duquesne Dukes and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Aaron also says his favorite subject in school is history which explains why he wants to be a history teacher. He would also like to go to college at either Duquesne or Robert Morris. Although Aaron has high dreams, he still lives with his parents like most high schoolers in America.

Modrak also one day wishes that he can sky dive. He said, "It is what I always wanted to do."

He would also like to travel, preferably to Italy, and see if their spaghetti is better than his mother's.

Aaron Modrak is a huge video game fan, but is behind on the video game playing curve as he is still a gamer of Nintendo 64.

Henceforth, Aaron Modrak may be the most interesting man alive. He defines what Hawk Eye is as a paper with his energy and eagerness to write cutting edge news for a very powerful, vibrant newspaper. Aaron Modrak, the man of a thousand words.


Written by Luke Hatfield, Staff Writer

All content by Aaron Modrak

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Aaron Modrak