“The Last Christmas Radio Show” makes its way to the BPHS stage


BPHS Art Students

Artwork for “The Last Christmas Radio Show.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, please silence all devices. The play will begin soon.” These familiar words to theatergoers build anticipation for the red curtain to rise revealing the actors on stage for the first scene.

“The Last Christmas Radio Show,” written and directed by English and theater arts teacher, Mrs. Cortney Williams takes the stage Nov. 10-12 in the BPHS auditorium. The curtain will rise at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5.

Mrs. Williams has directed a number of plays such as “Peter Pan,” “The Heist,” and Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” along with many more.

She said this year’s play was actually inspired by some of her own students.

“[I think what inspired this play],” she said, “was that my theater arts kids and I were doing radio shows a little while back and it just came to me.”

Mrs. Williams said that the first play she did was “Robin Hood.” She explained that it was a perfect play to put on with the number of cast members (33) there had been that year.

“Most plays have around 15 cast members, so having around 25 this year made me want to write something with more lines and make sure there was [enough for everyone],” Mrs. Williams explained.

It is clear to anyone that Mrs. Williams loves being able to work with her students and bring these performances to life. She enjoys writing and directing but also being able to bring students to their full potential, and everything else that comes with it.

Students say that being around friends and doing what they love is the main reason the cast enjoys being in drama and participating in plays. For them, it is something that they have loved doing for years, and though a difficult career to pursue, acting is still something a few hope to continue in the future.

This place has become such a family to me over the past two years. I love it.

— Alea Taylor

“I have always loved performing on stage. I think it’s such a fun experience and I find it very rewarding,” said cast member Dylan Finnell.

Being on stage brings joy to all of these young actors and actresses. Amount of lines or time on stage will never change the amount of passion they all have.



The cast for this year’s play:

Dylan Finnell as Jack                                                  Sharlyne Ngig as George

Kat Tena as Lizzy                                                        Samira Rowe as Lou

Andrew Williams as Billy                                           Sophia Iorio as Joe

Margaret Mateya as Annie                                          Rylin Celento as Alex

Alea Taylor as Vivian                                                  Peyton Michaels as Betty

Grace Skalniak as Evelyn                                           Meghan DeHaven as Donna

Maggie Babyak as Burns                                            Emily Smith as Jessie

Maden Konopka as Leonard                                       James Sipe as Eddie

Tristan Shay as Frank                                                 Izabelle Townsend as Tony

Meredith Myers as Charlie                                         Nina Lane as Sam

Makenna Miller as Bigsley                                         Arianna Grippa as Bentworth

Haley Uselman as Mrs. Marlow                                 Michaela Gratton as Ms. Dubois