BPHS Arts Festival spreading creativity


On Saturday, May 13, BPHS will be holding their 3rd annual Arts Festival from 11 a.m – 3 p.m.

There will be many activities during the Arts Festival, which include: sonic art, fabric art, button making, digital art, wheel throwing ceramics, handbuilding ceramics, demo horror makeup, face painting, crayon melting, caricatures, spin art bike cookies, and henna. BPHS artists will be demonstrating each activity at each station.

The Arts Festival will also have on display artwork that has been created in school and out of school by high school and elementary school students.

Art teacher Kent Wallisch talked about what he is most looking forward to during the Arts Festival.

“I like people getting to see the students teaching others how they create the artwork. When the grasshopper can grab the paintbrush from my hand, you know. Then, people see their art as worth, which also helps them know the value of art and grow as artists.”

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