Preschool students trick-or-treat at BPHS


ELC children pose for pic in their Halloween costumes

Sean Miehl, Staff Writer

On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 31, trick-or-treaters paraded through the halls of BPHS.  The preschoolers, who were a part of the school’s Early Learning Center (ELC) program, were dressed in costume and in search of treats.

The preschoolers’ route ran through the first and second floors.  This included English, math, business, and technology classrooms.

There were also two separate parades, one ran during 4th period and the other ran 8th period.

Many faculty members’ children were a part of the parade, including Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kovalcik, Mr. Kreigline, and Mr. Mickey.

There were also many students that helped out with the event.  Senior Emily Hayes said, “The whole experience has been great, and working with the kids has been really enriching.”

Mrs. Dzanaj, the teacher who runs the parade, had nothing but positive things to say about the reaction.

“The kids are nervous but they enjoy it, especially the treats.  Also, the teachers have been overwhelmingly supportive, and everybody has asked to volunteer.”

The ELC parade has been a longstanding tradition here at BPHS.

Dzanaj said, “The parade has been going on for 3o years, however previously we had only gone to the offices, but since the move to the new school we are able to go to the first and second floors.”

All in all, the experience was one that the ELC children will always remember. And maybe 30 years from now, their children will be trick-or-treating at BPHS.