Sochi Winter Olympics: Freestyle skiing takes on a whole new level

Michael Musciano, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Feb. 13, the first ever Freestyle skiing event was in the Sochi Winter Olympics. This event was crucial for the progression of Freestyle skiing and has brought awareness of this sport to the world.

Not only did the sport benefit from this event but so did the U.S.A., who swept the podium in the men’s slope-style event taking bronze, silver, and gold.

Joss Christensen took gold with an outstanding run; his first run was so clean he didn’t really need to take a second run. He scored a 95.80 on his first run, which was enough to take the gold home for the U.S.

Gus Kenworthy started off shaky on his first run when he fell but managed to pull out an impressive second run and made off with a 93.60 score from the judges.

Nicholas Goepper took bronze with a first run score of 92.40, which was equally impressive as all of the other competitors.

Overall, the Freestyle skiing event is extremely entertaining to watch and you should expect it to grow and progress over the next few years.

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