An Interview with Ms. Nancy Aloi Rose, Superintendent


Adam Larson, Staff Writer

Ms. Nancy Aloi Rose was recently named Superintendent of Bethel Park School District.  Ms. Aloi Rose has held numerous prestigious positions within the Bethel Park School District and within other districts.  To name a few, before Ms. Aloi Rose joined Bethel Park School District, she worked in the Bethlehem Center School District as a Middle School Principal 1996-1998; also, the Trinity Area School District as an Assistant High School Principal from 1992-1996; additionally, Mrs. Aloi Rose worked with the McGuffey School District as a Secondary Learning Support Teacher and Disciplinary Dean from 1985-1992.

Furthermore, I had the privilege to hold a special interview with Ms. Aloi Rose.  The interview comprises of her previous job titles and what it’s like to be a Superintendent, especially for Bethel Park.

Adam: “What were some past job titles that you previously were employed in within BPSD?”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “I served the Bethel Park School District as the principal of Independence Middle School, the Director of Secondary Education and the Assistant Superintendent, prior to becoming Superintendent.”

Adam: “When were you named Superintendent of Bethel Park?”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “January 10, 2012.”

Adam: “How did you get the job title as “Acting Superintendent” and then being promoted to Superintendent?”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “After our Superintendent, Dr. Thomas A. Knight, passed away in July, the District has to have a superintendent of record, so I was named Acting Superintendent at the end of July, 2011.”

Adam: ” What does your job consist of on a daily basis? ”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “One of the things I like best about being a superintendent is that no two days are alike. I frequently have meetings with administrators and staff within the district, at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit with administrators from other districts, and sometimes I attend workshops to keep me current. I spend a lot of time responding to e-mails and phone calls. And I try to visit the schools as often as I can. I am never really “off duty” so I work even when I am not working.”

Adam: “Most importantly, do you like being the Superintendent of Bethel Park?”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “I love being the Superintendent of the Bethel Park School District! I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this tremendous community. BP is a community of great families, teachers, administrators and school board members who all want the best for our students.”

Adam: “Lastly, what is your favorite thing about being Superintendent?”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “My favorite thing about being the Superintendent is being able to share my vision of what our schools can become, and then to work with our great administrative team to make it become a reality. We are at an important time in changing the face of instruction in our schools. We realize that there is competition from charter and cyber schools, and that we have to meet the needs of students and families in order to be competitive. We are in the process of shaping a vision for our schools that would provide students with customized options for learning, that could include traditional classes, cyber options, and hybrid courses (part traditional classroom and part online).”

Ms. Aloi Rose: “The one thing you didn’’t ask is about the challenges of being a Superintendent, but I’’d like to share that with you, too.  The greatest challenge right now in public education is economics.  The Governor’’s budget has cut funding for public schools and at the same time, legislation limits our ability to raise revenue. The cost of doing business keeps rising: salaries, health care, retirement costs, utilities, and so on. So, at a time when we would like to expand programs, provide greater access to relevant technologies, and meet the individual needs of learners, we are restrained by reduced funds. The greatest challenge will be to find creative ways to do what we need to do to prepare our students to be competitive in the 21st Century world, with shrinking dollars.”

The extensive interview between Ms. Aloi Rose and I is demonstrative of the vision she sees for Bethel Park School District.  In addition, her knowledge, commitment, and experience illustrates that she is certainly qualified to be the Superintendent of BPSD; Ms. Aloi Rose will guide the District through its successes and hardships for many years  to come.  Ms. Aloi Rose’s current contract will last until June 30, 2015.