2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Is the threat of terrorism being taken seriously?

Michael Musciano, Staff Writer

Recently, five different countries have received terrorist threats from unknown sources. The letters stated that anyone that attends the Olympics this year may be blown up. The problem is Russian security is not taking these threats as seriously as they should be.

Russia has been claiming that the multiple terror threats are not real and will not be carried out.

Although Russia is planning on tightening down security around the Olympics, that does not eliminate the threat, and there is still a real danger. The terrorists that are sending the threats do not care who they hurt or how they they hurt people as long as they get the job done.

The ongoing tension involving threats towards the Winter Olympics has caused multiple competitors to drop out of the competition, which is disappointing.

Although these threats have put a dampening on the excitement of the Winter Olympics, they will still be an enjoyable event that you won’t want to miss!

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