Taylor Swift’s Red

Mackenzie Happe, Staff Writer

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If you’re a country fan, then you already know that Taylor Swift’s new album Red came out this Monday. Heck, even if you aren’t a country fan you probably know. This album has been long awaited by teen girls all over the world. I know I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Taylor is an icon for most girls and I know a few of you fellows have a little celeb crush on her too.

The Taylor craze began way back in October 2006 when her debut album Taylor Swift released. She first showed her ability to read teenage minds and write songs accordingly with her single “Our Song.” Swift continued her career by dazzling us with her next album Fearless and then Speak Now. All of her albums resulted in a summer tour around the country.

Knowing Taylor Swift’s usual abilities to know the lives of teens and write songs directly pertaining to them, we all had big expectations for her latest album, Red. Everyone got a little taste of how this new album would sound, seeing as Taylor dropped multiple songs before the actual album came out. Songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” showed us that Taylor was taking a turn for the pop industry, whereas “Begin Again” implied that she didn’t lose her country side.

Many Taylor fans that like her country side were quite upset with her pop songs, but she gained some new fans from her catchy choruses and new dubstep beats. With these few songs that released, Taylor was sending mixed signals about how her album would sound.

Listening to Red makes it obvious that Taylor’s style is changing, but for the better. She still has the ability to capture romance and reality in her songs, but her music has gotten vamped up. The lyrics connect to the lives of many people and provide anthems for teenage girls all over America.

“It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes,”  Taylor begins one of her pop songs. This song, “22”, is obviously going to smash the top charts just like many of her other new hits. This week after the release of her album, twenty out of the top forty songs were hers. Taylor dominated half of the top forty with one album.

If you haven’t already listened to this album, you definitely should. Even if you didn’t like Taylor before, this album has a little bit of something for everyone.