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Rael Majetich, Staff Writer

Meet your newest member of the Hawk Eye newspaper Rael Majetich. Rael is a smart, hardworking, energetic man who loves to spend time with nature.

When Rael isn't hitting the books and getting straight A's, he is outside mountain biking and enjoying the nature around him.

Rael took journalism this year so he could be with his favorite teacher Mr. Allemang and work on the school's yearbook.

Rael's passion for the yearbook dates back to when he was a child, Rael often took pictures of nature growing up. For his 9th birthday, his parents got him his own camera, and he had it ever since.

Rael's favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rael was a pivotal player on his 8th-grade football team at IMS. No that's not the right phrase. Rael, HE WAS THE TEAM. Rael single handily won the team several games during the season. Rael's passion for football comes from his watching the Steelers growing up.  Rael loves going to Steelers games. He has a signed jersey from Big BEN.

Rael often dreams of becoming a successful businessman. He plans on retiring and spending the rest of his life in the Bahamas living it up under the sun.

When Rael is older, he plans on getting his dream house in Florida. His dream job is a stockbroker.  His favorite song is "Beat It" by Micheal Jackson. Rael loves Micheal Jackson because his parents own several of Micheal's albums.

Rael is into classic cars. When he's older, he wants to work until he can get his dream car, a 67 Triumph Spiffer.

Rael's favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse. I bet you can't guess what his faviorte food is... chicken no, spaghetti, no, his favorite food is steak.


Written by: Shawn Davis, Staff Writer

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Rael Majetich