Some fun electives freshman are able to take at BPHS


Vincent Clements

A student works with a table saw in Woodworking class.

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

Freshman year can be very exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Here are some electives that are available to freshmen. Now keep in mind these electives can be taken by all grade levels, but these are the ones that are available to freshmen.

  1. Introduction to Woodworking. This semester class is taught by Mr. Wells. It gives students the basics of woodworking such as measuring, using power tools safely, and just being creative. Some of the projects you will build in this class are a wall clock, a nameplate, and a fishing net. If you take this class and it captures your interest, you may want to take Advanced Woodworking which is only available starting sophomore year.
  2. Video Productions I. This class is taught by Mr. Kszastowski. It is a semester class that teaches you how to film, edit, and produce your own videos and short films you make in class. Students will get the opportunity to write a Hollywood-style script, and to use professional cameras, video editing software, and green screens.
  3. Ceramics I. This class is taught by Mr. Hooton. It is a semester class that gives you the opportunity to create things from clay, learn the basics of wheel throwing, and a little bit of the chemistry of clay such as the firing process and moisture content.
  4. Survival in the Kitchen. This class is taught by both Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Fontana. It is a semester class that focuses on preparing foods and how to safely use knives and other kitchen equipment. You get to do everything from baking deserts to pan-frying chicken.
  5. Foods and Nutrition. Similar to Survival in the kitchen, It is taught by the same teachers. This semester class goes into more depth on some complex recipes if you prefer to take this course.

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