Roses & Thorns: Spirit Assembly Winners & SunGard

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

This week’s Roses & Thorns highlights the participants and winners at last week’s Spirit Assembly, and the late but eventually published SunGard grades.

So this week I am giving a SHINY BLACK AND ORANGE ROSE to all of the participants and winners at the SGA Spirit Assembly last Friday. The Spirit Assemblies help to boost the school’s morale. As of late, there has been a slump in school spirit at Bethel, but these assemblies and programs help to fix this drop in enthusiasm. Between the Spirit Assemblies and the Class Cup competition, I believe that SGA is really helping to fix this morale issue.

Next, I am giving a RED AND BLACK THORN to SunGard for another challenging end of a quarter. SunGard has not made the life of students or teachers very easy, with a confusing interface and complicated setup. SunGard gets the thorn because it’s been a thorn in our sides all year so far.