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Makenzie Volpatti
Sister of The Elite Tanner Volpatti, Makenzie Volpatti is a senior here at BPHS. Some people say she is even more elite than her brother!

You will usually see Makenzie telling jokes and making others around her die of laughter. Outside of school, she is ordinarily catching up on some sleep or getting a workout in and running on the Montour Trail.

Speaking of running, Makenzie runs outdoor track in the spring. She sprints the 100- and 200-meter dashes and the 4 x 100 meter relay. Aside from running in the spring, she plays CYO Basketball (Church League) in the winter. Makenzie is an all-around athlete--is she more elite than Tanner?

Makenzie is an experienced writer in journalism, and she only joined last year! She writes articles about people's opinions on certain topics. For example: She asked a couple kids if you had one wish, what would it be? Additionally, with lots of experience as being a high schooler, she gives out amazing advice. For another example: She wrote an article on five tips to survive finals week.

One of the main reasons she joined this class again was because of the notorious Mr. Allemang. "Mr. Allemang is a fun & entertaining teacher. He makes learning intriguing to me," explained Makenzie.

Her second favorite class is Child Growth and Development with Mrs. Dzanaj. Makenzie’s love for the kids and seeing them smile makes Makenzie’s day every time she sees them. Beyond high school, the future Pitt Panther wants to major in nursing.

Favorite Movie- Pursuit of Happiness

Dream Place- Hawaii

Super Power- To be able to fly

By: Julia Mascaro

Makenzie Volpatti, Staff Writer

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Makenzie Volpatti