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Michael Herrington, Staff Writer

With school, sports, clubs, and extra-curricular activities, Michael Harrington is a very busy kid. But being the good student that he is, he still finds a way to balance it all out.

Michael hopes to accomplish and learn a lot in journalism this year. "I hope to improve my writing and charisma. I hope to write about sports and politics and hopefully bring a lot of good articles to Hawk Eye."

He said he has very big plans for Hawk Eye this year. Michael envisions Hawk Eye to really grow in readers this year.

Michael is very involved in sports. He plays hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. When he has time off from his busy schedule, he sometimes likes to kick back and play some video games. Michael likes to play a variety of video game genres. FIFA World Cup soccer he pointed out as being one of his favorite video games.

Michael is also a very big traveler. His sort of dream travel destination if you will is Italy.

Something you may not know about Michael is that he and our adviser Mr. Allemang go way back. "I met Mr. Allemang at the Bethel Park Recreational Summer Camp all the way back when I was five."

He's only a freshman, but he has big plans for his future. "I'm hoping to join the military and hopefully go to Pitt or Penn State or somewhere close." Michael really hopes to get a lot out of journalism and this year.

Written by: Ty Miller, Staff Writer



Here is a student that knows how to enjoy his leisure time and also be devoted to his academics. In his free time he loves to play FIFA and lacrosse.

At the same time, and as we know, he loves to learn and write. That is why Mike Harrington was ready to join journalism as it is a class for learning and writing. During the class, Mike is ready for whatever comes his way and is ready to learn.

Also worthy of mention is Mike's post high school plans. He plans to join the military and is ready to go with the flow if that does not work out.

Mike is also ready for big things to come to Hawk Eye. When asked, he said he likes to support journalism and can't wait till journalism becomes more popular throughout the school. Throughout the year, look for Mike to write some articles about sports and politics as they have been the most interesting subjects for him. Look out for him, and be sure you will see a great student as well.

Written by:  Nathan Runja, Staff Writer

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Michael Herrington