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Kristen Boyle, Staff Writer

Who is that ball of light gracing the halls of BPHS? Maybe you've seen her running a race, or jamming to country music. One thing is certain, and it is that everyone wants to know who this bubbly girl is. Well, look no further, because it is the lovely Kristen Boyle.

Kristen Boyle is a junior this year at BPHS, and she's very excited about her decision to take Journalism. Through the class she'd like to become an even better writer than she already is, due to her "different assortment of words that may be uncommon for others." Also, Kristen is hoping this class will help her pursue her dream of majoring in Journalism and starting a career in the field. Additionally, keep your eyes out for some feature or opinion articles as well, some of her major strengths as a writer.

Outside of Journalism class, Kristen spends lots of time running. In fact, she a dedicated member of the cross country team during the fall, which is also her favorite season since her birthday is in it.

Additionally, Kristen enjoys tuning the world out and turning her headphones up. She is a total country girl, and has a special spot in her heart for her favorite artist, Luke Bryan. In contrast, Kristen also loves rap music, calling herself "a big fan."

But don't forget her favorite movie, a classic, Grease.

"I want to be a better version of myself in all the ways possible," Kristen said when I asked her what she wanted out of the class. She has some big dreams for Hawk Eye, and she's more than ready to bring them to the table.

Seriously, this girl is glowing with potential, so watch out BPHS, because Kristen Boyle is here to make a splash.


Written by: Haley Radcliffe, Staff Writer

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Kristen Boyle