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Imagine this, an honor roll student who actively participates in school clubs/sports. Believe it or not, there's a name for a student of this caliber, Tyler Thomas. He is a senior at Bethel Park High School; he is an active member in journalism and chess club to be specific.

The chief of justice himself, John Allemang, carefully handpicked students with special writing abilities one-by-one. For that reason, Tyler believes it is an honor to be recruited into such a perfect, well-rounded/boss club such as Hawk Eye, the online student newspaper.

Other than afterschool activities, Tyler enjoys playing Halo Reach, listening to rap music, eating Subway, and hanging out with friends. Also, he participates in pickup sports games outside of school with his peers.

Tyler manages to do all of this and still maintain a 4.0, while taking a plethora of advanced placement classes. To the naked eye, Tyler's resume seems mind-blowing, but quite frankly it's probably one of the best in Bethel Park.

For the truth's sake, I can verify the fact that Tyler truly does commit to all of these activities; reason being, I'm there more than 90% of the time with him. It's good to have a best friend with the qualities that Tyler has. Outside of myself and our close friends, I wouldn't doubt Tyler setting a positive example, in other words, being a good role model to look up to.

Written by: Gino Johnson, Staff Writer

Tyler Thomas, Staff Writer

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