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Tyler Schultz
The most vocal Pittsburgh Penguins fan in the entire school may be senior Tyler Schultz. He can always be seen watching game highlights, waving around a fan towel, and wearing Penguins gear. If he isn't, then well, it's not a good day in the hockey world.

Since this is his first year writing for the newspaper, he plans to write about what he loves most, hockey. And that's because for him, "It's like a real sport, it's more fast-paced."

Tyler even wants to make a sports broadcasting column recapping Penguins trades, games, and things of that nature because he claims "more emotion can be let out by doing that."

And when Tyler graduates, he plans to take his spirit with him to his college of interest, Pitt.

What he is hoping to study there, he doesn't exactly know. But what he does know is that he wants to do something relating to sports management.


Written by: Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Tyler Schultz, Deputy Sports Editor

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