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Who’s that snazzy clarinetist walking through those mind-numbing school halls, with not only a grin but a wide piano smile? Well, probably not a smile, but you get the point. You know her name, it’s Regan Gray!

She’s enthusiastic, trustworthy and shy, yet she’s a boatload of fun when she’s not running cross country and practically dying at the sight of the finish line. Besides cross country, Regan also participates in track, band, and campus life.

You may wonder if Regan has a job, but in her words, “I’m trying but failing.”  She is a very intelligent and optimistic student who challenges herself on a daily basis throughout the school year. She even lives by the quote, You can’t lead a positive life with a negative mind.

In her free time, Regan likes to read, shop, watch TV, and of course listen to music. She enjoys the bands 5 Seconds of Summer, Coldplay, Little Mix and most importantly One Direction.

Besides music, Regan loves animals, especially elephants; elephant T-shirt’s, earrings, pants, you name it she has it. Regan joined journalism because she hopes to bring some of her Regan flare to the newspaper and even plans to pursue a career in it. She feels journalism is key to helping people know and understand recent events and new opinions.

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Written by: Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer.

Regan Gray, Staff Writer

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