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Have you ever seen a girl with a pixie cut walking around school? There's only one person that it could be, freshman Rachel Craven. Rachel is a new addition to the newspaper this year and she certainly has a lot to offer.

Rachel joined Hawk Eye this year because she likes to write and she thinks that it is important to let people know what is going on in the community and in their school.

Rachel fosters dogs for Echo Dogs. She would like to train dogs and horses when she grows up. She does not want to go to college after high school but if training does not work out, she would like to go to Cornell to become a Veterinarian.

Rachel has six dogs currently, four cats, a horse, and three siblings. With all those animals and people living in her house, it would be hard for her not to be a "neat freak," as Rachel put it.

She likes to keep things organized and even gets upset when someone does not hit the clear button on a microwave.

So while reading articles on Hawk Eye, look out for Rachel's articles. She's sure to have some pretty creative and interesting work.

Written by: Mikayla Haglund, Staff Writer

Rachel Craven, Staff Writer

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