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Kara Brunner
Kara Ashley Brunner is a junior at BPHS and this is her second year taking journalism.

Kara runs cross country and track. She has been running since the 6th grade and loves every moment of it. Her favorite running experience is when she used her speed to chase down a pesky gopher that lived under her deck.

Kara is taking journalism again because her favorite teacher “Sir Mr. John Mang,” teaches it. Kara said, "I had such a great time last year with Mang I just had to come back! He's not only my teacher or my former coach, but I also see him as my second dad.”

Outside of school Kara is involved in Campus Life and Act It Up Club.

“It is my lifelong dream to become an actress, I was born to perform.”

Kara also loves to go shopping. She is a makeup fanatic! Follow her on Pinterest for some DIY’s and tutorials @karab_runner48. As much as Kara loves shopping, she is currently unemployed. She is running out of cash! She considers herself an impulse buyer.

“I have about 63 funny meme posters. My favorite one is a poster of a grumpy cat that reads I had fun once, it was awful.’’

On the weekends you could find Kara relaxing on the couch watching Sanjay & Craig while eating some dried kale chips.

“It's my favorite show because it reminds me of my relationship with Mang, I would be Sanjay and Mang would be Craig.”

Written by: Megan Fedkoe, Staff Writer

Kara Brunner, Staff Writer

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