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Joey Bova
After visiting KDKA this summer, Joey Bova has big goals. Joey is a junior at BPHS and plans to pursue journalism throughout college and possibly as a career.

He took this class because it sounded interesting, and he hopes he can improve his skills.

Joey is very excited to write for the paper, hoping to bring ¨excitement" to his articles. He would like to write articles about sports, current events, and other interesting things. Bova hopes that after his articles, more people will want to read the paper, and it will better known throughout the school.

On a more personal level, Joey likes to relax. After school, he likes to go home and either eat or sleep. He is involved in many activities as well. He plays all different kinds of sports, but without a doubt, baseball is his favorite. Joey is also a part of DECA. DECA is a marketing program for teenagers to prepare themselves for college. Other than that, he enjoys playing video games and sleeping in his free time.

If given the ability to have a superpower, Joey decided he would like to be able to fly or be invincible.

On an ideal date, he would like to go drive around or go to the movies.

He also has a passion for traveling. If given the opportunity, his ideal vacation spots would include the Wonders of the World and the Eiffel Tower.

Joey Bova is a promising writer who will bring interest and excitement to his articles this year.

Written by: Matt Szymanowski, Staff Writer

Joey Bova, Deputy Social Media Editor, Deputy Video Editor

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