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You're making the usual commute between classes when you bump into a girl, causing you to drop your books. As you go to pick them up off the ground, you hear a high pitched "I'm sorry." You look around to find the source of the sound when you notice a girl with her hair in a ponytail, a Kingdom Hearts tee-shirt, and bright blue pants next to you helping you retrieve your books off the floor. You can tell she's nervous and panicking because kneeling down and picking up books in the middle of the hall doesn't suit her at all. Once she's helped you pick up your books, she rushes to her next class; you're left wondering what just happened and looking around for information on who the girl was so you could thank her for helping you with your books.

Joanna white decided to take Journalism because she figured it would help her with overcoming social anxiety and becoming a better writer. Talking to people without feeling anxious and being able to write are two very useful skills in life.

She doesn't know much of what she can bring to the class other than her writing abilities she's developed over the years. She also enjoys writing and hopes she can share it with the rest of the class.

Coming out of the class, Joanna is hoping to become someone who is less shy and well versed in other forms of writing. Joanna tends to write a lot of fictional stories mainly in the fantasy genre.

If she could change one thing about the world, she would make people more caring.  It would be one step closer to that dream of world peace.

Outside of school you will find Joanna on the internet, with her pets, talking with her family, or reading. When she's, on the internet she's usually playing stressful games, and she also enjoys fantasy books.


Written by: Jacob Dalby, Staff Writer

Joanna White, Staff Writer

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