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Alex Mullen
All-star basketball player and journalist Alex Mullen is in his senior year at BPHS. In addition to his fourth year at the high school, Mullen is continuing his legacy with Hawk Eye for his third year.

Mullen's origin story like any other is one of legend, when asked why he joined, Mullen said, "Mang guilt-tripped me into it because no one else would write basketball articles."

Since joining the newspaper, Mullen mainly focuses on writing sports articles. This year, he hopes to bring "Energy, enthusiasm, and dope videos."

Mullen is also a host of the ever popular, "Hawk Seat", and is one of the founding members of the show. When he's not writing for the paper or recording the next Hawk Seat episode, where can you find Alex Mullen?

"Catch me at the high school basketball court hooping it up," Mullen said.

Other than his super ability to write for Hawk Eye, he would want the superpower of invisibility.

Mullen's perfect date?

"A candlelight dinner under a perfect crescent moon," said Mullen.

In addition to a bright future with journalism, Mullen expects to attend college and hopefully play basketball after high school.

Written by: Nick Guimond, Staff Writer

Alex Mullen, Editor-in-Chief

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