My NFL mid-season predictions

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

My early Super Bowl prediction is the Packers vs. the Steelers. This year has been wild, from injuries to sleeper teams. After Week 8, there is only one undefeated team left, the Steelers at 7-0. The Packers are sitting at a very respectable 6-2.

My prediction for the AFC Championship is the Chiefs vs. the Steelers.

The Chiefs have a high-powered offense with their MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They just acquired former Steeler RB Le’veon Bell.

The Steelers have what is considered to be the best defense in the league. Their offense is powered behind Ben Roethlisberger and WR Juju.  This game will come down to the Steelers defense. If they can stop the Chiefs offense, then they will win the game. I think their defense will be able to stop the Chiefs and win the game.

For the NFC Championship, I think the Packers will play the Seahawks. They both have high-powered offenses with top five QBs in the league. The game will be high scoring with barely any defense. Russell Wilson has some of the best WRs in the league in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. The Packers don’t have as many weapons, but Aaron Rodgers is an all-time great. In the end, I think the Packers will come out with the win.

If the Packers and the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, then I think the Steelers will win with their great defense. They have just come off of two wins against most likely playoff teams. They showed that they can compete with anyone at any level.

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