Penguins’ Bennett aware of injuries

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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Pittsburgh Penguins’ Beau Bennett is very injury prone. It seems as if he finds new ways to get injured. During the October 13th game against the Montreal Canadians, Bennett sustained an injury while celebrating a goal.

After the game on Tuesday, Bennett got interviewed in the locker room by Dave Molinari, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Bennett said, “I’ll be celebrating less, but hopefully I can score a lot more.”

Coach Johnston got interviewed by Dace Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Johnston said, “I expect that he is going to come back the same. He’s handled a lot through his career here, as far as adversity, with injuries, so he knows how to handle that.”

The next expected game for Bennett to play is on Wednesday, Oct. 28. This will be his 100th NHL game.

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