AC system continues to pose obstacle for students, staff


Sophomore Darren Getty takes a sip of water in between classes on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Tuesday, Sept. 4 marks the first day of the school year that BPHS is running on an early release schedule due to the extreme heat caused by the malfunctioning AC system.

Dr. Jansante made the announcement Monday evening using the school messenger system. In that message, Dr. Jansante said, “With the extreme temperatures, the system is not able to consistently keep classrooms to the desired comfort level.”

Last week, Mr. Kreigline, a history teacher on the 4th floor documented the uncomfortable classroom temperatures.

The hottest day he recorded was  83.6 degrees on Aug. 29. Other days, he captured temps of 83.1, 81.7, and even 77.3 degrees.

But the school floors aren’t the only things reaching high heats.

The students were, and still are, getting a little heated over this air conditioning problem.

Senior Sami Brown said, “We {BPHS} definitely hopped on a local bandwagon because think about it, we’ve never done it before {had a half day due to weather}. I think we’re just trying to make parents and taxpayers happy by creating a shorter and somehow ‘safer’ school day.”

Other kids such as senior Madison Locke said, “Today it is just 90 degrees, but other days it was 93. We should’ve had an early release last week because it was hotter at that time.”

But the school can only do so much with its current resources. So until this problem is solved, students are advised to bring their own drinks to school. And staff will continue to hand out cold, bottled waters in the rotundas.

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