Time is running out for returning NHS members’ paperwork

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

Reapplication paperwork, including a completed service hours log and a leadership checksheet, for all returning members of NHS is due to Mr Lorenzi in Room 223 by April 24.

Service hour logs must be filled out with all information, with a signature and contact information for each event. NHS hours should be included at the bottom and highlighted.

Leadership checksheets must be typed and filled out completely. The paperwork required for returning members can be found shared via the school Google Drive.

Members are required to have completed 35 service hours, six of which must have been through NHS offered opportunities. Leadership checksheets must be typed and signed by the sponsor of the activity.

All papers should be attached, but do not need to be in a manila envelope.

Any questions regarding this paperwork can be addressed to Mr. Lorenzi or NHS president Jeff Hoffman.