Don’t fear, breakfast is here at BPHS!


Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

We all have those day when you’re carrying your shoes in your hands, while your backpack clings on for dear life, as you rush to the bus before the anxious bus driver pulls away. You take your seat, pull out your headphones and all you can hear is the growling of your own stomach. You forgot to eat breakfast!

Don’t worry. BPHS sells a variety of different breakfast foods you can purchase in the school cafeteria for $1.60  from 7- 7:30 a.m.

You can purchase hot foods such as breakfast sandwiches, toasted egg and sausage bagels, french toast sticks and crispy donuts.

You can also purchase cold items such as cereal, chocolate and powdered covered donuts, mini loafs, poptarts and yogurt.

Drinks are also up for purchase including milk, coffee, water, iced tea, and an assortment of different juices.

Check out the breakfast menu here.

Donna Nassan, one of the lunch ladies in charge of the breakfast foods mentions that you can also buy the colder breakfast foods at the Breakfast Booth located in the ticket area in the main lobby. The Breakfast Booth is open daily from 7- 7:25 a.m. For $1.60, you can get either donuts, poptarts, or mini muffins, and a juice or fruit, and milk. Coffee is also served.

That’s not all Bethel Park offers, though! You can also stop by The Bean and Berry, in the school cafeteria near the Activities Office through Periods 1-4, which is now selling hot tea and hot chocolate.

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