Introduction of Game Coding (MINECRAFT)

Joanna White, Staff Writer

Game Coding is the new course being offered at BPHS, under the course number of 273.  This course will focus on coding which will be introduced through the outlet of gaming. Mr. Oswald will be teaching this class next year.

When asked about where the idea to start this class came from, Mr.Oswald stated that he had gotten the idea from speaking to his students, and watching different unique videos on YouTube.

There are no requirements in the course, but “depending on your coding ability you will have a different experience with the class,” Mr. Oswald said.

While only being a semester long class, this class is definitely no joke.  The attitude that students should have coming into the class is “[they] should have an interest in coding, and wanting to do it in a fun way via video games,” said Mr. Oswald.

You should consider taking this class if you have an enjoyment of games, coding and trying something new.

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