Scheduling deadline extended to March 2 due to SunGard issues

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

Due to issues some students have encountered with scheduling classes for the 2016-2017 school year, the deadline has been extended to end of the day on March 2.

The SunGard system is still in a beta test form for the system BPSD is using, and as such many problems are still being corrected. Going forward, the school expects these problems to become minimal or even non-existent.

Guidance counselor Mr. Bruce commented on the change saying, “The timeline was pushed back because of the SunGard issues.  We expect to start seeing students through their history classes starting on 3/3.”

To schedule your classes, login to the student account of SunGard and click “classes.” To choose classes, click “edit” on the top of the categories for classes. When your desired classes are selected, click “save.”

Mr. Bruce added: “Another issue that we were finding out was that the students were using their parent’s account and not their own account.  Some students never signed on to their own account when it was activated, and that is also causing things to be more confusing for us as counselors and for the students as well.”

In order to schedule courses for next year, students must sign into their personal SunGard account using their standard school district login information–lastname.firstname for username and the password the student set for their account.

When asked his opinion on the new course selection system, sophomore Blake said, “It was fairly simple… It really only took me two minutes and I was done.”

In contrast, junior Jordan said, “I could only get in [to SunGard] once to work on my schedule and while in the system no electives showed up, I couldn’t uncheck classes, and even some core classes weren’t showing up. I still can’t fix anything. It’s been frustrating and much harder than the old system.”

Classes can be changed any time between now and March 2.