BPHS talks about Chromebooks

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

A very recent, controversial topic at BPHS is the fact of having Chromebooks. Since it is the first year with these, people have to get used to them.

Some students at BPHS think that these devices will slow down the process of work and serve as a distraction. There are also some people who believe that the Chromebooks are very beneficial and can help in the classroom.

I, for a fact, like the Chromebooks because I think that they are a good way to interact with the teacher during class.

The Chromebooks have a new app that enables you to ask the teacher a question without getting up or raising your hand, which might make students feel more comfortable asking questions.

Also, having Chromebooks can speed up the work process for the teachers and students, which can enable the teachers to grade work faster and accomplish more in their classrooms.

History teacher Mrs. Schuster said, “Students can receive feedback faster on Chromebooks, as opposed to hand-written copies.”

But with the help of Chromebooks, teachers can understand what the students have written and give them the amount of credit they deserve.

Freshman Gavin Behr said, “Some people’s handwriting is bad and kids are much better at typing.”

Chromebooks are very effective in our school and most people think that it was a great choice by getting them.

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