German students excel on the National German Exam

Krista Vandyke, Staff Writer

The talented AP and Honors German students proved themselves through their results on the National German Exam. They earned six gold awards, three silver awards, and three bronze awards, while 13 others were honored for their honorary achievements.

On the Level 4 Exam, Joseph Beaver and Steven Davis scored gold. Also, Corinne Hebestreit finished in 5th place, Jack Brownfield finished in 6th place, and Matea Pranjic finished in 8th place on the Level 4 Exam. Brendan Troesch scored gold on the Level 3 Exam.

Rachel Dodson, Thomas Weber, and Joey Wasko scored silver on the Level 4 Exam.

Rebecca Swaney and Grant Wilson scored bronze on the Level 4 Exam. Ethan Tabler also scored bronze on the Level 3 Exam.

Grace McCurry, Adelai Flowers, Brendan Kail, Sean Allen, Natalie Lalama, Ashley Slade, and Devin Stewart were also recognized for their high scores on the Level 4 Exam. For Level 3, Austin Weidner, Jeff Hoffann, Ryan Pfab, Jen Klara, Danielle Gutherol, and Logan Runco were recognized.

Silver award recipient Rachel Dodson said: “We did numerous practice exams in preparation for the National German Exam. The German students always have an extremely strong work ethic!”

Congratulations to all of the German students for their hard work, it really paid off!

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