Seniors petition indoor graduation

Tyler Thomas, Staff Writer

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The class of 2013 is following in the footsteps of the class of 2012, declining to graduate in the gym.  Several seniors have begun to pass around a formal petition to graduate outside.

As graduation nears, there has been a lot of buzz about where the graduation ceremony will take place.

Last year, after Dr. J was adamant about an indoor graduation, widespread disapproval by the seniors led to the graduation being moved outdoors.  But, that would be the last outdoor graduation.

However, the idea of graduating indoors is being challenged by several seniors, including senior Shane Kelly.  Shane and several other seniors have accumulated over 300 signatures petitioning an indoor graduation.

When asked why the seniors should graduate outside, Shane replied, “Because we’ve been doing it since the school was created, unless it rains.”

The main problem most seniors have with an indoor graduation is that not all of their family will be able to attend; there hasn’t been any announcement made regarding the number of tickets each senior will be allotted.  However, it is certain that some family members will be denied the right to see the graduation ceremony if it is held indoors.

Also, the gymnasium logically would not provide the optimal view for everyone in the audience.  Senior Mitch Krieger said, “I don’t want my family staring at the back of my head.”

On the other hand, the stadium isn’t perfect.  The blistering sun can create an uncomfortable environment for all, and the possibility of rain can ruin the entire event.

Mitch suggested that the graduation should be held outdoors, at nighttime.  Several other high schools in the area have this type of graduation.  It would combine the spaciousness and tradition of an outdoor graduation with the comfort of an indoor graduation.