Famous YouTuber causes more problems

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Sam Pepper first rose to fame in 2011 after he starred in the UK TV version of Big Brother, then his YouTube channel started to flourish.

Pepper had 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube, but that number has been declining since his video titled, “Killing best friend prank”  has been released.

That prank video had lots of different opinions on it, but the negative feedback was so strong that Pepper has quit the internet, as he deleted his social media contents.

But the most startling thing about the video is that is that some of the comments consisted of his own fans calling out his wrongdoings.

The even more disturbing thing is that Pepper has released many controversial videos over the past years. One, in particular, made headlines after he received many sexual assault accusations.

But on February 25, Sam Pepper seemed to have had enough hate that he came clean about his prank videos.

An apology video that is 20 minutes long appeared on Pepper’s deleted YouTube channel stating that, “All these other prank channels started coming out and they’d be doing more and more and more crazy stuff. So I worked out I could do these pranks the other channels are doing – and I could just fake them.”

Pepper also added, “What I wasn’t thinking this whole time was that if I have to fake a video, that means that it’s too crazy for me to actually do for real.”

Towards the end of the video, Pepper ended by saying, “I’m really asking you guys please give me a second chance and I can make content that represents me as a person, that inspires… that’s why I’ve deleted every video on this channel and I’m only going to put up the ones that represent me.”

Sam Pepper’s future on any social media looks very problematic due to all of the fake and disturbing content being distributed off of them.  But even if Pepper does change his ways, he will most likely still get some hate for his videos and actions.

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