Career Spotlight: Art, Illustration, Voice-overs

Chris Geikler, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013, during 3rd period, the Career Spotlight for art, illustration, and voice-over took place at BPHS. Peggy Habets and John Hinderliter were there to talk about the pros and the cons of being a career artist.

Ms. Habets started off the spotlight by sharing her personal experiences, working as a commission artist. A commission artist is someone who makes works of art to a client’s specifications. Most of the time these clients request self-portraits or portraits of people close to them. Surprisingly, Ms. Habets said that this form of art is actually one of the more steadily paying jobs out there. She also mentioned other jobs involving art like advertising and illustrating books.

Next, it was Mr. Hinderliter’s turn to speak. He covered the voice-over aspect of the spotlight, while also sharing information about drawing storyboards for money. Both Mr. Hinderliter and Ms. Habets emphasized the importance of taking any jobs you can get while in the field of art. It was also stated that when one is working with a client, it is important to provide them with multiple versions of the finished product to see what they like the most. However, when this is taken into account, it is also important to know that the client will almost always choose the version you DON’T like.

Freelance artists are meant to keep their own hours, and depending on the job, determine their own payment. Illustration is a good field to go into if one wishes to remain free in their work.

After all was said and done,  Ms. Habets and Mr. Hinderliter passed around samples of their work around the room.  Ms. Habets’s portfolio was filled with many beautiful water color paintings, and portraits, while Mr. Hinderliter had some logos he had done for small businesses in the local area. Mr. Hinderliter also showed a video of him in a commercial and a video of him in a music video.

At the end of the spotlight, the presenters were fighting to get out the door. So many of the students had questions for them, but unfortunately there just wasn’t anymore time.  Although, Ms. Habets can be reached online at, or by email at

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