Student Spotlight: Ben Lentz


Mr. Allemang

Ben Lentz is this week’s Student Spotlight.

Shawn Davis, Staff Writer

Ben Lentz is this week’s student spotlight. Ben is a Junior at BPHS. Ben participates in basketball, baseball, and the ski club with an outstanding 3.69 GPA  He was a pivotal contributor to the baseball team’s back-to-back state championships. When asked about the success of the baseball team, he said, “We work so hard every day, the fact that we have been winning the way we have shows that it has been paying off.”


How long have you been playing baseball? 12 years

What’s your favorite memory of being on the baseball team? The bus rides home.

Do you have any siblings? I have two.

Who is your favorite teacher at BPHS? Ms. Camic

What are you looking forward to most about senior year? Last year of baseball.

What do you want to do after high school? I have no idea.

What’s your favorite color? Black

Who’s your celebrity crush? Madelyn Cline

What’s your dream job? ESPN Reporter

Do you own any pets? Yes, a wittle doggy named Mugys bugsy

If you could be any wild animal, what would it be? Capybara