Act 80 days in store for the 2014-2015 school year

Krista Vandyke, Staff Writer

This Monday, September 29th, all students get the treat of sleeping in an extra two hours after working hard this first month of school.

This year, the school district decided to start a new system of incorporating Act 80, 2-hour delay days in the schedule for the school year. The days are as follows:

  • Monday, September 29
  • Monday, December 8
  • Wednesday, January 28
  • Monday, February 9
  • Monday, March 9
  • Thursday, April 30

However, while the students sleep in, the teachers will be hard at work. These days are allowing teachers opportunities to improve in several different ways that they may not have had otherwise.

“The use of Act 80 will better prepare the teachers to support students in the classroom in reaching our academic goals,” Dr. Jansante said.

More specifically, the staff will work on SLOs (Student Learning Objectives), Common Assessments, Keystone Exam data, and Project Based Assessments, to name a few.

It certainly sounds like the Act 80 days will have a positive impact on our school district.

Parents are also reminded to make note of the delay days and ensure that their children get to school at the correct time.

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